Covid Policy in America in question after athletes refuse the Covid shot

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic returns the ball during an exhibition match in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on July 13, 2022. (Photo by Nedim Grabovica/Xinhua via Getty Images)


As it is widely observed since the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic, the social media has become something of a police state which does not tolerate opinions that differ from its own regarding the global pandemic, this has been a ruling principle of the governments of most nations around the world since the month of march in the year 2020, the self styled experts who sit in the offices and are at the help of institution like the CDC, which had been dubbed as lacking and irresponsible in controlling the outbreak, have gone ahead to get mob cancellation for anyone that dares to challenge their opinion and differ in thought process, the government has had a major hand in this, in an unofficial and unwritten partnership with other corporates like giants in the tech industry and media houses, have enforced a single opinion when it comes to the Covid Crisis, ranging from masks and vaccines to opening of schools and other institutes, the logic behind the phenomenon of lockdowns, engaging in sports during covid, the origins of the virus, it seemed that the three big powers of the modern day society, the unholy trinity that is made up of the government, big tech giants, and the mainstream media were scheming together to push their own narrative about the covid 19 crisis and would not tolerate a bare shred of opposition against them, as time went by, the loop holes into the narrative of the government began to appear, whether it was about the efficiency of the lockdowns, the masks and other things that the government was doing to push you towards a goal of their desire.

Which athletes are being canceled for their refusal of Covid shots

For long it had been wondered that if there ever will come a sportsman who will be worthy enough to be deemed as Muhammed Alio reborn, Ali, who a world renowned boxer, had given up his titles and thought time in prison was better than to bow down to the excesses of a tyrannical government, Muhammed Ali today is seen as a symbol of hope and courage as he was a big anti war activist during the Vietnam war and a supporter of peace, he had been jailed, now following in his footsteps are the athletes of today, Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback from the Green Bay Packers while appearing on the Joe Rogan Podcast, he mentioned how he had refused to take the Covid shot and bow down to the tyrannical whims of a dictatorship in disguise, he knew this move of his invited a lot of attacks, not only this, fellow sportsperson, tennis player Novak Djokovic is now allowed to play anymore till he takes his Covid shot, which he has refused to do so, the list of the government trying to suppress sports person doesn’t end here, NBA player Keyrie Erving of the Brooklyn Nets is also being targeted for his refusal to take the vaccine.


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