The new song of Yung Gravy, Betty goes viral on Tiktok 

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images


It looks like the new song of the popular singer Yung Gravy, having the title Betty, is now getting very famous on the short video sharing platform of TikTok, it is a place that can make anything go viral, a lot of songs actually have a history going popular and getting the love of the audience after they’ve gone trending on the platform of TikTok through a variety of trends.

Who is Yung Gravy?

Matthew Hauri, better known as Yung Gravy in the world of music, around 5 years back, when he was just a student at college, he commenced his music career in the year 2017 when he began to post his songs on the website sound cloud, soon he found fame for his music and his talent was recgonized by many in the industry, he has so far, brought out one mix tape and three albums of his own, the mix tape is called Seven Epps and is a hit among the ans of yung gravy, his popularity is not limited on sound cloud but his songs are famous on youtube and other platforms like Spotify as well, where they have a lot of views and plays.

The viral song of Yung Gravy

Tiktok is place where anything and everything can go viral, some songs which now enjoy the love of the audience had earlier begun to trend on platforms like tiktok at first, now it seems like that lady luck is smiling upon Yung Gravy as his latest song Betty is now trending on the platform of tiktok and people are making reels after reels as a part of it. The users across the platform feel a special love for the lyrics of the new song of the singer yung gravy and are enjoying it very much.          

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