Taylor Swift revealed the special technique behind writing her hits songs.

Taylor Swift revealed the special technique behind writing her hits songs.


Taylor Swift explained the method of how she writes a song, at an award function.

Taylor Swift getting candid about her thought process behind the lyrics of her songs.

Taylor Swift won the songwriter-artist of the decade award at the Nashville songwriter awards, on Tuesday then later in her speech, she disclosed something unexpected.

I have never shared this with my audience but today it’s the day, she added before disclosing the way she use to write her lyrics.

Relation between Taylor and pens special pen for the special lyrics.

She said I know it’s foolish but I have set some genres In my mind according to lyrics there are three main types of genres Quill lyrics, fountain pen lyrics, and glitter gel pen lyrics, I came up with these three based on what I write.

Swift who just announced her new album ”Midnight” tells about each pen’s category.

I use Quill one when my songs start sounding like a letter from my great-grandmother Emily Dickinson, she even gave an example for every category, for this one she picked “Ivy” from her song library.

The glitter one is used when my song sounds like a drunk girl at a party full of positivity, for this category she used her famous song “shake it off” as an example. 

The Fountain pen is there only for when the pop star inner me wants to be a painter and paints all the thoughts from the heart on the paper for this she uses “All too well” as an example 

Taylor Swift explained why she created a genre of lyrics.

Later after this Taylor said I know you are going to think but why I created this genre. Because it’s my love and work too creating and playing with lyrics and work is the first love of my life and also helps me to explore more creativity while writing the lyrics. 

Although Taylor’s new album “Midnight” is yet to release. It will be released on 21 October 2022, let’s see what’s going to happen till then stay connected.


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