Prince William gets emotional while walking behind Queen Elizabeth’s coffin as it brings many old memories back to him.

Prince William


On Wednesday while the procession of Queen Elizabeth’s coffin Prince William gets emotional as some old memories hit him hard.

Official speech of royals after Queen Elizabeth’s death.

On Thursday while giving a speech to mourners, Prince William got emotional about how tough it was to walk behind your granny’s coffin 

Even During a Walkout in Sandringham, his wife also pays her tribute to the Queen.

Outside Norwich gate, the royals give a speech of more than an hour.

Most challenging experience for Prince William.

Prince William says that it was not easy to walk behind the Queen, as it comes with some bad memories, don’t want to recall, he also said that I have already prepared myself for this but all the practice becomes worthless, we already knew that she was 96 but this feeling is something different.

It was also difficult because One of the bad memory was recalling him, again and again, his mom’s funeral 

On Wednesday it was near about 25 years since both brothers walked on the same path which they cover while Princess Diana’s procession of the coffin. 

At that time Prince William and Harry were 15 and 12 respectively and followed the route which starts from Kensington Palace to Westminster Abbey.

Both princes get emotional after the Wednesday day although everyone is saying the royal family is going into the dark phase, we believe they will come over it and made a change. Till then stay connected 

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