Closets of the Queen: Margaret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth hold a great bond between them.

margaret thatcher



Nile Gardiner Former adviser of Margaret Thatcher praised the relationship between Queen Elizabeth and Margaret Thatcher accepting that they two have immense respect for each other in every case 

Two most powerful and influential women in the world-Neil Gardiner.

Neil Gardiner said that Margaret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth had far stronger relations than is portrayed by Netflix or Hollywood. And I think the influence they both hold makes them the most powerful women on the globe. They had a brilliant partnership together, and if I say that Ronald Reagan also gets the same respect from Queen as did Margaret Thatcher so if I say these three were the pivotal leaders of the 1980’s it not wrong at any point 

First Lady prime minister in the office.

Margaret Thatcher was the first lady prime minister of the monarch of the United Kingdom. She always Glorifies the role of the Queen and tells how vital a queen is for the Kingdom. I think Queen respect Margaret this much because she was the first lady prime minister she holds to be in office for three terms 

Here I should also mark how Prince Phillips  also admire Margaret Thatcher a lot 

The relationship between Queen Elizabeth and Margaret Thatcher was so strong that their disagreements also can’t break their bond. I mean yes they do have disagreement but never came with them publically this show how mature and responsible they were regarding their bond and I think this should be the approach of every person in any kind of relationship  

As now this trio is now more but still, we can carry their way of looking towards relations which can help us in our life 

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