Some unknown talks about Leonardo DiCaprio and supermodel Gigi Hadid.

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As Leonardo DiCaprio just broke up with his girlfriend, Camilla Morrone, whom he was dating for the last 4 years 

A new would-be couple in the city.

now the rumours are spreading in the city as Leonardo DiCaprio has been seen roaming with the supermodel Gigi Hadid in the streets of New York City on Monday evening, a news outlet confirmed this although other Media outlets said that DiCaprio and Hadid are not dating yet.

A third news source added a new angle to the story where they claim that DiCaprio and Hadid were roaming with a group of people. But because of the recent split, every meeting is becoming sizzling.

A big gap between Leonardo DiCaprio(47) and Gigi Hadid(27) 

Although the Oscar-winning actor has a great history of dating models and actresses younger than him most probably under 30

Since 2019 “wolf of wall street” star Camilla is being in the spotlight for the news of dating media is highlighting the 20 years gap is more than needed 

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Camilla’s Morrone views on this rumour or truth 

Then finally in one of her interviews, she spoke about and said that in the history of love there are so many couples with a huge age gap between them she marks age just as a number someone can date anyone whom he wants to regardless of age, height, or colour 

Although the death wish star Camilla is doing great in her post-breakup as she is having a great huge group of friends and family helping her to come over it 

In the past few days, DiCaprio has been frequently seen in New York City, where Gigi Hadid lives with her 2 years daughter Khai whose biological dad is none other than Zayn Malik.

To seek any updates about the would-be couple stay connected.

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