King Charles’s ex-wife Camilla, during her journey with the Royal family knows more about it.

King Charles’s ex-wife Camilla


The consort of Queen Elizabeth tie her knot with King Charles from where her Royal journey began.

A brief description of King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla’s relationship.

In 2005, King Charles laterally Prince and Queen consort Camilla got married. After which Prince William and Harry become her stepson.

Camilla already had kids before marrying King Charles.

Camilla has a son Tom Parker Bowles and a daughter Laura Lopez from her first husband Andrew Parker Bowles the couple got married in 1973 but due to a lack of commonality the interest between them eventually broke in 1995, and Camilla never wants to put her children under the spotlight. That’s why she always kept them aside from the Royal Family.

A short introduction to Camilla and her children.

Camilla’s eldest son Tom Parker Bowles is a popular food critic for some UK-based newspapers, Parker not only likes to Write about the food he also loves to tell people how to make it, but he has also written some seven cooking books including books like “ eating Dangerously”, “E for eating”  and many others 

Aside from this, he has also appeared as a judge on many cooking shows including “family food fight”, “hell’s kitchen” 

In 2005 Parker got married to a fashion editor Sara and later they also welcomed one baby girl and one baby boy Lola and Freddy respectively, but this marriage didn’t last for long and eventually, the couple parted ways in 2010 but stayed together as parents.

Now talking about Camilla’s daughter Laura Lopez she was born in the new year in 1978, she is a private person who didn’t like to come under the spotlight but sources tell she is business women who got married to a former Calvin Klein model and welcome two daughters and continue to live a peace and happy life.


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