Optic gaming signs up CodeMiko, JustaMinx and Botezsister



Optic gaming has decided to bring on board some of the popular streamers from the platform twitch, which includes CodeMiko, JustaMinx and the Botezsisters, these twitch streamers have been constantly growing their influence on social media and their following is rapidly rising as they stream their content, this helped them getting noticed by Optic Gaming and thus they were signed up by them.

Who are CodeMiko, JustaMinx and Botezsister

The platform twitch is famous around the globe since it has a list of content creators and streamers around the world, many of them have got to popularity and risen to fame thanks to the platform twitch, and many of the female streamers to boast a large following on the platform, some of the popular female twitch streamers are CodeMiko, JustaMinx and Botezsister, the botez sisters, which includes the two siblings of Alexandra and Andra Botez, the two have been very famous for bringing chess streaming on the platform of twitch and their content is loved by all, JustaMinx is having a reputation of making a variety of content and is quite famous, CodeMiko, who has risen to fame thanks to her Vtuber streams is very popular among the fans, she had faced a ban lately on the platform, having a presence and a sizable audience on the social media and their own streaming accounts, all of  them have been signed up by the Optic gaming which was revealed on the 24th of august.

Fans react to Optic gaming signing up CodeMiko, JustaMinx and Botezsister

The fans of all three groups CodeMiko, JustaMinx and Botezsister, that their favorite content creators have gotten another bigger and better opportunity to showcase their talent on a better platform.

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