Are Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajokowski dating? The truth behind the rumors?


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recently , the actor brad pitt is in the headlines, and the reasons can form up a mix bag, earlier, we saw him in the news when his former wife, the actress from salt, angelina jolie, said that she was the one who had initiated an assault case against him, now it appears that he in the headlines again after rumors surface that he is now dating the 31 year old model Emily Ratajkowski, the internet is now flooded with the rumors of their possible affair, the news of their possible dating is spreading like wildfire, as it is said there is no smoke without fire, the rumors began when the two were seen holding the hands of each other in streets of the city of new york, and were seen by passerbyers when they were dining together in some restaurant in paris. Since the middle of the month of august, the fight club actor has been spending time with the model, who recently chose to part ways with her former husband Bear Mcclard, it is said that the the oceans 11 actor and the model took a private room in a very fancy and expensive french restaurant and spent a few hours there. If the reports made by our sources are assumed to be correct, then it is said that in an attempt to sling mud on the name of his former husband, angelina jolie is trying to make a case of assault against Brad Pitt, where Brad had allegedly gone violent on a plane with the family, the couple are still fighting a legal battle for the custody of their children who are still minor.
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So brad Pitt and Emily Ratajokowski are dating?

A social media handle by the name of Duexmoi, who has a proven history of sharing gossips and hot issues of the celebrities claimed that he can say with surety that Brad Pitt and the model Emily are dating, a lot of the fans share the view.


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