Four facts about Jena Sims, the wife of Brooks Koepka

Jena Sims, the wife of Brooks Koepka

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Jena Sims hails from the city of Winder in the state of Georgia, Jena quickly entered the world of modeling and had been contesting in beauty pageants from a very young age of a teenager and had quite a few awards to her name in the same field, she holds a degree of international business from the Belmont University in Nashville in the state of Tennessee.

Accolades in beauty contests 

Although you may debate about the merit of such beauty pageants, it does require effort to walk and stand and poise yourself in a manner that impresses everyone despite benign trapped in what is a fabulous looking yet very uncomfortable garment, add a six-inch heel and you have it, Jena had been crowned as Miss Georgia Junior National Teenager in the years 2004 and 2006, she had also won Miss Georgia Teen USA the same year and had gone ahead to be a part of Miss USA teen next year.

Acting in B grade movies 

Jena Sims had a role in the entourage series and was also seen in the Attack of the 50 foot cheerleader, as well as in the fifth installment of Sharknado 5, her calm and chill attitude and easy going vibe had always made her a good choice to add her own sparkle to the films.


Aside from being an actress and winners of several titles in beauty contests, it would be safe to say that the Jena Sims is a beautiful person on the inside as well since she runs a charity by the name of Pageant of hope, which works to host beauty pageants in hospitals and cancer wards of children in an attempt to boost their self esteem and morale.

A southern  gem

While her appearance in films like the Attack of the 50 foot cheerleader won’t bring her a golden globe or an Oscar anytime soon ahead, her work as a philanthropist has already been recognized as she has been awarded several humanitarian awards.

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