Jacob Elordi is the new Elvis Presley in the upcoming film “Priscilla” by Sofia Coppola.

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Jacob Elordi has been cast as Elvis Presley in the upcoming film” Priscilla” Alongside Cailee Spaeny who will play the role of Priscilla Presley 

Reliving the era of the 1980s with a story like  *Elvis and we”

This film will again light the Personal life of Elvis this movie is based on Priscilla’s 1985 more. Creator decided to do it so as the book went a success internationally and get the award of “New York Times” bestseller.

The old team of the director will be revived for the upcoming movie.

Some sources claim that the director is going to collaborate once again with long-time partners some ate Editor- Salah Flack, production designer- Tamara Deverell costume designer Stacey Battat and the director of photography Philippe Le sourd 

The film will be distributed by A24 with whom the director has worked earlier as they were also the distributor of films like “On the rocks” and “The Bling Ring. Both were a hit.

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Elvis’s biopic is going to release in the summer of 2022. Priscilla herself approved the film as the beginning of the film star Austin Butler as the king. The film will be shot somewhere near Toronto following Baz Luhrmann 

Some personal facts about the film.

In every single scene, Priscilla becomes emotional as the story of the king was on the big screen. After watching the film she praised the crew for their craft later she also told how nervous she was as this was the story of Elvis 

Elvis and Priscilla tied their knots in 1967 which continues till 1973 after Elvis’s death in 1977 at Graceland. Priscilla took the initiative to establish the Elvis Presley Enterprise 


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