What Is The Best Diet Program For Weight Loss?

Nutrisystem Weight Watchers and Noom are 3 of the most recognizable and widely used commercial weight loss programs. It promises to help you lose weight, but there are many key differences between these two programs. This article will take you through both programs and what they offer.


Nutrisystem is probably the best selling meal delivery of all time, with millions of happy customers. It has been around for more than 45 years. For such a long time, it has become one of the leading providers of prepared meals and nutritional support for people who want to lose weight. The company offers counseling and a wide range of resources for members through the phone and the internet. Nutrisystem provides prepared meals, which means you can choose from over 160 frozen and non-frozen meals. With prepared meals sent to you, you have easy access to your favorite meals. Each meal is perfectly portioned and waiting for you in your freezer or pantry. With a perfectly balanced meal from many delicious options, you will stay away from midnight snacks.

Plans and Pricing
  • Basic: $9.29 / day
  • Uniquely Yours: $11.07 / day
  • Uniquely Yours Ultimate: $13.21 / day
How it works?
  • You pick up your plan.
  • Get your food for a week or month as per your desire.
  • Eat six times a day according to their program.
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits are included to provide you with essential nutrients.
  • Moderate exercise will boost your weight loss.
  • Use their free app to track your progress.
  • You can lose up to 13 pounds in the first month.
  • They even have a particular plan for vegetarians and diabetics.

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WW AKA Weight Watchers

Meet the new WW, formally known as Weight Watchers. It is a comprehensive program for weight loss. They introduced the points system in which every food item has certain points. You are given specific points for the day, and you have to stay in those points. These points are based on the calories, sugar, fat, and protein a particular food contains. There are certain vegetables and fruits which have zero points. WW has more than 3000 locations where members can meet with coaches and get guidance to stay on track with their weight loss and health goals. WW also offers many online weight loss and food tracking tools and resources through its website and smartphone app.

Regarding how much weight you can lose by following their points plan, it’s nowhere mentioned on their official website.

Plan and Pricing
  • Digital: includes 24/7 chat service and costs $19.95 per month.
  • Workshop: includes Digital member benefits, as well as unlimited in-person WW Workshops for $44.95 per month or $14 to $15 per week.
  • Personal Coaching: includes one-on-one support with a coach and access to digital tools for $54.95 per month.
  • Total Access: includes Digital, Workshops, and Personal Coaching – costs $59.95 per month.
How it works
  • Download the WW app.
  • Get a customized weight loss and health plan.
  • Stay within your daily points limit to lose weight.
  • Enjoy over 200 foods worth zero points
  • Moderate workout on the app
  • Attend wellness workshops or work in person with your coach, depending on your plan.
  • Learn how to build healthy habits.


Noom is strictly app-centric with a focus on behavior modification techniques, tracking, and customization. You begin with a detailed quiz to determine what kind of recommendations they’ll make for you (like if you need physical modifications or have allergies). However, they’ve come under fire for giving users the same results no matter their quiz answers. The psychology has been critiqued for creating fear around certain foods and the technology skews towards the easiest-to-track foods (takeout) versus homemade ones. The other downfall of the app is that in order for you to see those big wins, they might prescribe too few calories, so you’ll see the number change on the scale, but it won’t be sustainable.

They require a few minutes a day to give you a plan on exercises, foods to eat, and habits to break.


As far as concerning which weight loss plan is best, these plans are good.

Comparing them side by side, we get a different story. Nutrisystem is based on prepared food, which is very efficient, and you don’t have to spend hours preparing your food. It is like a “done for you” plan. Unlike Nutrisystem, WW is a point-based program in which you will only receive points, and you still have to prepare your own food, which quite time-consuming considering how busy our lives are.

WW offers more flexibility and puts you in control of which food you fit in your diet, but this increases more chances of error, and a person may increase more than required. Nutrisystem is a bit restrictive, but it leaves no room for the error. You can still choose your food and eat what’s given to you. This way, you can enjoy your favorite foods and still stay within the limit.

These programs offer different diet plans, and it’s hard to say which one is better than the other. But if the choice is given, I’m sure many people will favor Nutrisystem due to;

  • Meal delivery diets
  • No more need to spend time preparing your special meals.
  • Their plan is easy to follow with no room for error.
  • Lose 13 to 15 pounds in the first month.
  • It’s super affordable as you only have to pay for your meals.

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*We receive complimentary Nutrisystem food for the purposes of this review. All opinions and results are those of  AlphaWorthy’s staff and may differ from yours. This content is sponsored by Nutrisystem.

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