Kayne West speaks against Gap for excluding him from business meets 

kanye west

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It appears that the rapper and singer Kayne West has been kept out of the decision-making process of the fashion brand Gap, angered by this, he has taken to social media to openly rant against the heads of the Brand Gap, as per the allegations made by the rapper Kayne, he has been excluded from the meeting of the officials from the company who had held a meeting regarding the designs that were owned by Kanye West.

Is Gap copying from Kayne west?

Kayne West also went ahead to say that the retail giant is trying to copy his unique shoe design called the Yeezys, which Gap is trying to reproduce as a part of a collaboration with balenciaga, he also accused that gap was still printing the designs owned by Kayne west on their products like their regular T shirts, he also went on to share that how the company had decided to scrap off a photoshoot that was already planned with a few children in the country of japan.

Kayne West rants to the executives of gap

On the wednesday that went by, that is the 31st of August, a video that is now going viral on the platforms of social media and is spreading like wildfire, it features kanye west as he could be seen shouting and screaming at the officials that stood in front of him, they were executives at the fashion brand gap, he was very angry and talked about how his creative freedom was being curbed by them, he gave them an ultimatum at first in a indirect format, he said that if he is harassed here, he will have to go somewhere else to do his creative thinking, at this, the executives started to laugh, this made Kayne even angrier as he shouted at them to stop clapping and not consider him a joke.        

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