All the details about the Barbarian, release date, cast, plot 



If you are thinking of getting the chills this season by watching some good horror flick, then you would be glad to know that a new movie is coming out with the name of the Barbarian, its an upcoming film by Zach Cregger and is sure to be good watch with a promise to send chills through your spine and make you cower in fear as the plot of the barbarian centers around a spooky and horrifying house and is waiting to make everyone scream in fear, you all can be ready since its all set to come out this year.

What’s the story for the Barbarian 

The upcoming horror film the barbarian is written and directed by Zach Cregger, the role of the producers of the film are filled by Arnon and Yariv Milchan, Roy Lee, JD Lifshitz and Rapheal Margules, you would take notice that some of the names mentioned above have already made a name for themselves after they’ve been a part of hit movies like IT, ring and Grudge, the plot of the movie may sound simplistic but it’s the perfect setup for a classic horror flick meant to guarantee you chills down your spine and screams from your mouths, the movie follows Tess, who has rented an Airbnb house while she is in town for an interview for a new job, only this house will be her undoing as she realizes she isn’t the only guest residing in the house, from jump scares to cries for her help, tess finds herself in a very scary situation.  

The release date for the barbarian 

Earlier, the movie the Barbarian was all set to release on the 31st of August but its date has been pushed ahead to the 9th of September and we all are hoping for an excellent theatrical release since the plot and the movie looks promising from the trailer.

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