Barbie Ferreira reveals she won’t be returning for another season of Euphoria 



It appears that the time for Barbie Ferreira as a member of the cast of the show Euphoria has come to a close, as she revealed to everyone that she won’t be coming back for a third season, she went public with this decision of hers on the 24th of august, this was roughly after six months after the finale of the second season of Euphoria had aired on HBO, this means she a proper goodbye to her character Kat Hernandez.

Taking to her official handle on the social media and photo sharing application of instagram, she posted a fan art of her character made by someone going by the name of Hunter Schafer, she gave it an emotional caption, she told in the caption how she had completely devoted herself to the character and had given all her love and consideration while playing the role, she could only hope that this was also felt by the audience and her hardwork has paid off, she says she likes to think how she could herself in the character and thought many else might as well find kat a reflection of themselves.

Barbie Ferreira not in the next season of Euphoria 

On the wednesday that went by that is the 24th of august, the actress Barbie Ferreira, from the hit award winning show of HBO Euphoria mentioned how she wont be returning to the show to play the role of Kat, a much loved character from the series, many fans are speculating the reason behind the departure of barbie Ferreira that there are cracks and strains in her relationship with the director of the show Sam Levinson, and due to this increased tensions between them, Sam may have had intentionally cut the screen time of Barbie, although these are mere rumors and nothing solid can be said about this

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