Tim Norman former reality TV star found guilty in a murder case. 


Former Television star Tim Norman has been found guilty of the murder of his nephew. 

Tim Norman hires people to kill his nephew Andre Montgomery. 

On Friday, a federal jury convicted Tim Norman a former TV star for killing his nephew. Andre Montgomery a 21-year-old rising star recently starred in a picture “Welcome to Sweetie pit’s” a critica

l hit show. 

This murder was filed in March 2016.


A look at The hearing of the court.

So during the trial, the prosecutors try their best to prove how Norman is responsible for his nephew’s death to fill part a, which was later proven, as the story becomes crystal clear.

On 14 March 2016, Tim Norman hires two people to kill  Andre Montgomery, and the whole plan was executed step by step. 

Firstly a dancer, Terica Ellis who was bribed for $10,000, lures Andre to the spot which was decided for the plan, then another man, Travel Anthony was also bribed for $5000for  to shoot Andre to death. 

Why did Andre Montgomery’s uncle Tim Norman murder his nephew? 

In Norman’s case, the real criminal is greed, Tim Norman has done this all just to claim the insurance cover Andre worth $4,50,000, as the nephews died within a few days, Tim gets into a hustle to claim the cover which eventually makes it more suspicious to people.

Blind trust of Andre in Tim took his life away. 

Norma also tells the jury that from the beginning, Andre always admires him as a father, which later helps him to execute the plan.

Firstly Tim provokes Andre to change his home and settle in St Louis, he always tries to make his image good in Andre’s eyes as he was his own brother’s son.

After this much still the prosecutors are fighting with each other but in the end, the truth won as always the defence lawyer Michael Leonard said Norman killed his nephew is a made-up theory but no one listens to that. 

Norman is going to face life imprisonment after December 15, after this decision the US attorney Sayler Fleming was very pleased and thankful for the law. Check more on injurney attorney.




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