Elton John is going to have a concert at the White House.

FILE PHOTO: Elton John performs as he returns to complete his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour since it was postponed due to coronavirus disease (COVID-19) restrictions in 2020, in New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S. January 19, 2022. REUTERS/Jonathan Bachman/File Photo


The Supreme talented guy who is also a great singer, a great pianist, and more Elton John is set to perform at the White House.

Some important Details about the concert.

The concert is going to take place at South Lawn on Friday The title of the Concert is “ A night when hope and history rhymes” about Seamus Heaney, whom President Joe Biden often says In his speeches

The concert is going to be organized by History Channel and A+E networks according to the White House’s Officials there going to be some special guests in the audience it is going to include nurses, teachers, students, and gay rights advocates.

U.S. President Joe Biden occasionally features musical stars at the White House.

Some time ago James Taylor also came to the White House she also raised her voice in songs about the rising drug crime and climatic change.

 On 13 September, the six-time Grammy winner sang “fire and rain” in the White House the star of the day was wearing a blue blazer and grey hat holding a guitar in front of the audience and cameras.

James Taylor and his charity concerts.

According to some media outlets Taylor often does gratuitous services which means charity he donates the money that comes from ticket revenue and he also waived off his performance charge.

James does this all to build a strong nation with love and ethics although he also has some strong political opinions even in 2016 in an interview with a media outlet 

He said I have been watching politics since dinosaurs were on the earth and I am very proud that now someone great like Barack Obama is in the office to represent America.


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