King waiting outside Buckingham Palace to see her mother’s casket. 

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After the Death of the most devoted monarch of the Commonwealth Queen Elizabeth on September 9, 2022, The whole nation is in sadness and now on the 19th of September Queen will be laid to rest.

Father and son waiting together for the casket of the Queen.

Tuesday evening, in London, England on the back stair of Buckingham Palace King Charles was waiting for Queen Elizabeth’s casket with his son Prince Harry and daughter-in-law Meghan Markle.

Prince and Meghan were also present before the casket started its journey, the casket was taken through the  RAF Northolt air station Ruislip where a lot of the public was standing to see a glimpse of the Queen’s body.

Even King Charles’s head was bowed down as King’s guards were standing outside waiting for the queen 

Prince Harry was also standing there with his wife Meghan Markle while walking with his dad Prince was holding her hand 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped back from their duties after facing racist remarks and allegations against Markle and their first son Archie.

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Rituals and riots of the royal family.

On Thursday Queen Elizabeth left us all at the age of 92 was the second longest reigning monarch in the world 

Her caster will rest in the bow room overnight, and then the next morning to be shifted to Westminster Hall 

Before her funeral, thousands of mourners pay their respect to Queen 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were also there. They recently reunited with the royal family just because Queen’s death 

After so long prince Harry speaks something about the queen he writes that the queen was a global admirer and the most respected monarch ever.

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