Daughter North asks mother Kim Kardashian to not record her while singing 

North West wants Kim Kardashian


In one of their funny and memorable moments in the relationship as a duo of a mother and daughter, Kim Kardashian literally had her daughter North, from Kanye West, begging as she wasn’t very comfortable getting such things on camera.

North wants her singing video deleted.

On the Thursday that went by, which was the 18th of the month of August, the American socialite and reality TV celebrity took to her official handle on the social media and photo-sharing platform Instagram, the video showcased all of them in a car, the list of people include, Kim and her daughter North but also the child of Kourtney Kardashian, Penelope with them, Kim can be seen in the seat in the front, possible the driver’s seat, in the background, KiM notices how North had been vibing to the tunes of Versace on the Floor which is sung by Bruno Mars. Kim Kardashian can bee seen very happy at this and instantly pulls out her camera, can be seen sporting a big smile on her face as she too tries to hop in on the activity, she  could even be seen prodding the kids sitting at the backseat, unfortunately, for the plans of Kim kardashian all went down from the window as soon as she noticed that her mother had been filming her and was recording her complete song, as soon as the realization dawns upon her and how she had been made a fool into being recorded while singing on camera, she then can be seen yelling at her mother to kindly remove those videos she made from her phone at that very instant. Despite the protestations of the child, Kim chose to turn a deaf ear towards her own daughter and went on to record further, Penelope could be seen trying to cover up  a smile as she notices her cousin getting angry.

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