FN Meka, the first AI Powered virtual rapper now signed on by Capitol Records

first AI-powered virtual rapper, FN Meka

It appears its future is knocking on the door as a AI Powered virtual rapper known by the name of FN Meka, who operates using modern artificial intelligence has now been signed up by the now music label Capitol records to work for them.

FN Meka becomes the first AI-powered virtual rapper now signed up by Capitol Records


Dubbed as the first robot rapper, FN Meka has managed to sign a deal with the music label Capitol records and he has been labeled as the first rapper who exists virtually and is powered by Artificial Intelligence of the modern day, on Wednesday that went by, that was the 17th of August, an article was published by the Music Business Worldwide where they talked about how the Music Label Capitol Records have struck a deal with a robot rapper going by the  name of FN Meka, the article also talked about how FN Meka had released a new song with the title Florida Water, the track also had the feature of RICOindicted rapper Gunna and a very popular gaming streamer Clix. the song was produced by Turbo, FN Meka has a lot of big collaborations to his name with a lot of talented and recognized talent from the industry like Travis Scott, Young Thug and Lil Baby, although it is worth noticing that the song was actually sung by a human being who had lent his voice to FN Meka, who had seemingly generated the lyrics using his artificial intelligence.


Who is FN Meka?

FN Meka is the first of his kind, he is very interesting in a sense that he is powered by the modern day Artificial Intelligence, he does generate lyrics on his own but he uses the voice of a real human. He boasts a following of about 10 million people on the platform of Tiktok.


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