Is Big Chungus going to be the next character in Multiversus


If the report from our sources are to be assumed correct, Big Chungus will be the next character in the list of those featuring in the Multiversus, as you all know, that the Warner Bros is bringing out a new game, called the Multiversus, featuring characters out of the log list of characters owned by the studio and now it appears that the next character that we will see on the game will most probably be the famous big Chungus himself, this news stems from the fact that recently Warner bros had moved ahead to secure a trademark filing about Big Chungus on the friday that went by, which was the 26th of August, with the European Union Intellectual property Office, this filing includes the rights for every conceivable form of media which includes things like, print media, toys and products, audiovisuals among others, this acquiring of the rights of the character has led many to speculate that the studio might plan on introducing the character as a playable one in their multiversus game, although the fans are wondering whether the addition of the Big Chungus will be in the capacity of a new character or will it be just a brand new skin for an existing character in the game called the famous Bugs Bunny, this has lead to the speculation of his entry by the fans, but considering that the roster of character is already full with characters like Black Adam, Stripe and Rick, it would be better to think that Big Chungus might be seen in the later seasons of the game, probably the second one.

Who is Big Chungus?

The first time Big Chungus had been revealed to the public, it had been on the 20th of december in the year 1941, his first appearance being in the cartoon Wabbit Twouble of the Looney Toons show.

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