Why Chris Pine and Florence Pugh skipped the New York premiere?

Why Chris Pine and Florence Pugh skipped the New York premiere?

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The stars Chris Pine and Florence Pugh are known for their work in “Don’t worry Darling” but on the New York Premier, both were absent to celebrate the night.

The reason behind the absence of the cast of “Don’t worry Darling”

On the night of the New York Premiere, both Pine and Pugh were absent, the public was also so shocked about this because everyone was expecting them to be there to see the public reaction and be with them.

Later the Hollywood actors explain, that right now they both are busy with some upcoming projects even though they released a video message before the Monday screening telling that how they are travelling these days from one place to another which leads to no time for them too.

Message through the video before the Monday screening.

Both the actors are busy with their new projects, in the video message Pugh said that right now I am travelling the world one day in the east then one day in the west even I am not getting time for myself, Pine says I am in Los Angeles production all the time added as a joint message.

Pugh also said that we also don’t want to miss the premier we also want to thank you to come and experience ”Don’t worry Darling” IMAX 

Pugh’s excitement after The premiere at the Venice film festival.

Although Pugh missed the New York Premier, because of the shooting of his new project Dune: part 2

But still, he posted some pictures from the Venice Film Festival held on 5 September, he captioned those pictures, “what a massive moment it was those shouting and clapping” 

Pugh mentioned that we are very grateful that our film is premiering at Venice Film Festival as this is a great honour for us all.


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