Logan Paul talks about why he doesn’t want to fight Andrew Tate



It appears that Logan Paul is not willing to go toe to toe against the former professional kickboxer and current social media sensation Andrew Tate, in a match in a fighting ring, Andrew Tate, who has been recently a target of an organized ban on various platforms of social media due to his controversial statements and other thought provoking and radical content that he is known to give out, sometimes his content can be deemed as outrightly misogynist in nature, as the fans of both of them have been wishing for a fight between Logan Paul and Andrew Tate, in fact last year, the former professional kickboxer had expressed his wish to be pitted against Jake Paul, however despite the speculation, none of these wishes came to fruition as of yet.

Logan Paul reveals why he doesn’t want to fight Andrew Tate

Although as much as everyone of us would love to see our favorite youtuber turned boxer Logan Paul and former kickboxer and social media sensation Andrew Tate pitted against each other in a professional fighting ring for a bout of boxing, it turns out wishes will remain, just wishes, as recently in one of the episodes of the podcast run by Logan Paul, the IMPAULSIVE, where he went on to talk about the wishes of the fans who want Logan to fight Andrew Tate in a boxing match, he said that he doesn’t want to be the one who gave a platform to a guy like Andrew Tate, in his words, he has absolutely no wishes to have Andrew Tate as his dance partner in the boxing ring, he talked about how the social media platforms have made it clear that what they think about him, which was quite clear when he was the painted the target for an all out social media ban, Logan Paul made it clear that he he did not wish to be the one to be seen associating with him

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