Is John Cena Dead in 2022? The truth behind the rumors


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Is John Cena really dead or is he the next victim chosen by some YouTubers to make him the part of their next clickbait thumbnail? You may have heard the fake news and death hoax of multiple celebrities on social media, Snoop Dogg, Tom Holland, Shane Dawson are amongst the many victims of this hoax, this time, our all-time favorite WWE star turned actor John Cena has been singled out for this hoax, as the news of the death of John Cena is spreading on the Internet like Wildfire in a jungle.

The rumors about John Cena’s death

Just like the usual with these types of hoaxes, it begins with a post that is designed to be easily believable by the audience which is then shared unknowingly and unknowingly by a large number of people and then the news, no matter fake or not, goes viral and begins to spread like some fire in the jungle, this time too, rumors begin on the internet that the former WWE star has met his demise in a car accident, this soon got viewed by a lot of people and fans were thinking if John Cena is alive or not.

Is john Cena really dead?

Whether you have been a WWE fan or not, you will be glad to know that the star John Cena isnt dead and is completely fine and out of harms way and all the information that is going around the internet, claiming he met his demise in a car accident in nothing but fake and a hoax designed to get more engagement for some channels and other yellow journalism pages, such hoaxes happen on a daily basis.     

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