A past relationship between Britney Spears and Prince William 

Britney Spears and Prince William

Britney Spears and Prince William reportedly had a “cyber relationship” in the early 2000s. Getty Images


In 2002, during an interview with a media outlet, Britney spears said that Prince William and she were In a “Cyber Bond”

Old connection with the pop star 

An old interview clip of Britney Spears which was shot in 2002, is becoming so popular nowadays in the interview, Britney Spears, says that Prince William and I use to talk via emails we exchanged a  lot of emails a day, 

She even said that whenever she comes to visit London, she always asks William for a dinner but he never comes.

But here the royals denied it all and mention these as publicity stunts.

few more updates about Britney Spears and Prince William.

If William is a prince then spears is also a princess of pop, in the early 2000s she was rocking in her career, but later it was minimally affected by her break-up in 2002 with Justin Timberlake.

Whereas Prince William started dating his future wife Princess Kate Middleton In 2003 

Prince William landed up with a very big problem. 

Recently a video got viral of Prince William in which he is lacking chivalry toward Kate Middleton on the other hand prince, Harry was praised for his behaviour toward Meghan Markle 

While the royals were needed to serve to depart the heavy crowd outside of Windsor Castle, when they arrived prince Harry was seen opening and closing his car door for Meghan Markle whereas on the other side Prince William and Kate Middleton were coming separately from the car.

The public is very upset with this act, now the public is comparing both brothers where some people also say that Harry is the son of Diana and William of King Charles.

Whereas royals are not saying anything to Prince William’s chivalry 

But this may have to be maintained and improved as William is at the top of the list for the throne and a person like this can’t be a king. 


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