Public reaction to Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco’s new film “meet cute” trailer



 Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco’s upcoming film “meet cute” left everyone discussing on Twitter people are confused about how to react to this trailer as some are saying it’s deep and fantastic whereas some are unimpressed by it.

Peacock is going to premiere ”meet cute” this September.

Peacock is soon going to premiere “meet cute” a romantic comedy movie directed by Alex Lehmann and starring Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco 

The movie comes with the story of Sheila and Gary this is a film in which Sheila and Gary are going to fall in love and whereas Sheila is also going to use a time machine to go back in the past and find a perfect match for her which is the best part of the movie making the audience excited about it.

Reaction on Twitter for “meet cute”

The trailer of the new film “meet cute” has just been released but not everyone is happy with it as there is a very mixed reaction to the trailer we are going to see Gary and Sheila in this movie both characters are sitting in a bar trying to connect as they know each other from before but the audience is not happy as they await for this film a lot. Which makes their demands higher than before.

Viewers got upset with the trailer.

As we know how awaited this film was but now its trailer has been launched people are very upset as it doesn’t stand on there demands even some critics said that Pete Davidson is not funny at all where some still waiting for it lets see what happens for the final review be connected.

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