A unique honor to Queen Elizabeth by Kate Middleton.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton

Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)


While the procession of Queen Elizabeth’s coffin, from Buckingham to Westminster. Queen’s daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton was spotted wearing Queen’s brooch to pay respect and honor to the Queen.

Women of the royal family honoring the Queen through their jewelry choices.

So while the procession of the Queen’s coffin where Kate Middleton was wearing a pearl and diamond leaf brooch of the Queen which she had already wore once. During the trip to Belgium in 2017. 

On the other hand, Megan Markle was also wearing a pair of diamond and pearl Earrings. Which was gifted by the Queen.

Well it’s not unusual for Kate and Meghan to wear the jeweler given by The Queen 

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton

Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Taking a look at the whole procession ritual.

On Wednesday morning, while the possession of Queens Coffin, Both Duchess of Sussex and princess of wales were on their services where Kate rode to Westminster Hall and Meghan rode along with Sophie. The countess of Wessex 

They later joined their husbands, when Prince Harry and William walk a foot behind Queen Elizabeth’s coffin. 

There is another ritual before the funeral that the royal family have to serve in Westminster Hall fit 20 minutes. Later the small service is led by Canterbury and Archbishop and other members of the British parliament.

on Monday 19 September Queen Elizabeth’s funeral is going to be held. Till then stay connected for updates.

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