Steve Grimmett, the lead vocalist of the band Grim Reaper, dies at 62

In recent years, Steve Grimmett, the frontman of the rock music band Grim Reaper met his demise at the age of 62, his voice had been an iconic symbol in the industry, his fans, loyal supporters, and loved ones are absolutely distraught by the news, he will be sorely missed by his fans and his music will be remembered for a long time to come.

Who was Steve Grimmett?


Steve Grimett had been the frontman of the rock music band Grim Reaper, he was born in England in the year of 1959 on the 19th of August, his voice made him quite famous and he was soon easily a recognized face in the music industry, specially the rock music of the British, he was just 23 when he had joined up with the Band Grim Reaper, in the year of 1982, steve had actually stepped into the the world band as a member of the Grim Reaper, he had signed up with as a replacement for the former member Paul De Mercado, the now deceased frontman of the band had been a part of many of the successful albums of the band like the very famous See you in hell among others, he was loved by his fans and he will be surely missed. 

The reason for the death of Steve Grimmett

The news of the death of Steve Grimmett, the lead vocalist of the rock band Rock Band Grim Reaper, was revealed to the public by his son Russ, he took to the microblogging site of twitter and he told about how the death of his father has left a void in their life and has created a vacuum in the family, he went on how his presence will be surely missed, though he refrained from stating the reason of the demise of his father.  

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