Chrissy Teigen’s from Chrissy Teigen’s pregnancy. 

Chrissy Teigen’s from Chrissy Teigen's pregnancy. 

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The American model Chrissy Teigen tweeted about her pregnancy and told about her special moments publicly.

Finally, blessings knock on Chrissy’s door after the big loss.

A few years ago Chrissy Teigen lost her 20-weeks-old unborn baby, on Thursday day she accepted that it was not a miscarriage it was an abortion a “life-saving” abortion.

Her pregnancy has also taken hype because of the previous baby loss, but now finally she is blessed with a baby again,

What news was there about the baby in Teigen’s recent tweet?

In her recent tweet, Chrissy Teigen openly speaks about her pregnancy, she supermodel shared a tweet telling about her first special moment with the unborn baby.

In the tweet, the supermodel wrote that “now I can finally feel my baby and now I don’t need any ultrasound to confirm if there is any life in me” she tweeted this with a teary eye emoji.

Chrissy Teigen publicly says that it was not a miscarriage.

Recently via social media and some media outlets, Chrissy Teigen spreads the truth about her abortion life-saving abortion. She said that our baby was continuously bleeding even after the transfusion of several blood bottles that’s why they have to abort their 20-week-old baby Jack.

Recently a report said by a cookbook author that Chrissy was going under IVF treatment for the past few years.

Although she shares 2 children with John Legend her husband, Luna and Miles.

The final announcement of the upcoming baby.

On Tuesday, the couple posted a picture on Instagram where Chrissy is wearing a pink gown flashing her baby bump whereas on the right side her husband John Legend is standing wearing a black tuxedo with arms around Chrissy.

As Chrissy has announced her pregnancy publicly with a series of photos on Instagram somewhere wearing a black top with matching undergarments showcasing her baby bump whereas somewhere in a pink gown with her hubby 

Although she was very nervous before announcing her pregnancy, because of the loss that previously happen but now she is sure about the upcoming baby.


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