Responding to trolls about fake vacation allegations, Aubrey O Dey strikes back

Aubrey O’Day responds


After being accused of morphing her photos of her vacations that she posted on social media, singer Aubrey O dey finally responds back to the trolls who have been continuously hurling allegations at her about having used photoshop to edit her and fake her photos of the vacation she posted on the various social media handles across the platforms of social media.

Aubrey O Dey responds to fake vacation allegations

Aubrey O Dey had recently found herself under fire from the netizens after some of them began to allege that she had not gone on any sort of vacation but instead had posted photos that were morphed using the application photoshop to make it appear she had actually gone out on vacation, using her official handle on the social media and photo sharing platform of instagram, Aubrey O dey finally chose to respond to the allegations of the trolls on the internet who claimed that she had not really gone anywhere for the vacations but instead had been using morphed photos prepared by photoshop to post on her handles on various platforms of social media, in a series of photos she posted on the instagram a series of photos where she could be seen sporting a bikini while doing various things like hugging the gates of heaven and embracing jesus as well, a tiktok user took her time and made a proper clip where she gave a proper analysis of the pictures posted by the singer and reality tv star and brought what were supposed to be the original photos of other people where Aubrey had got herself allegedly photoshopped. When such accusations that began to flood the internet, Aubrey responded that she is surprised that her account is now being analysed like an art museum by these self styled creators, she says that she is a true artist and she does everything one her from hair top her dress

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