Disagreements between Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle 

Meghan Markle, Queen Elizabeth II. Getty Images


On Friday morning, after the Queen died prince harry visited Balmoral without Meghan Markle a move that put everyone in some different scenarios whereas, in the past two years, a relationship which is disposed of well after the Duke and Duchess left the royal family and continue to live a simple life 

Queen never disclosed her disagreement publicly.

Even after the duke and Duchess left the palace still The Queen doesn’t leave her character and very politely said I want to thank prince harry and  Markle for all their devoted work for the Commonwealth and I hope today’s agreement allows them to begin a peaceful and beautiful life 

Although after this chances were there that people can criticize the queen that’s why the government’s appeal that only pleasant comments about the queen as Meghan Markle left the palace 

Megan also maintain the family bond and said that I always loved Queen’s company and I also cherished her she said in an interview in 2021

Queen Elizabeth was described as having a mischievous sense of humor and a talent for mimicry in private company. (Andrew Matthews – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Small fights make a big difference between the Queen and Meghan.

One day in the palace Meghan had a few words with the Queen, and after then Meghan was not allowed to eat the meal. 

On the occasion of King Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding 1.9 million people gathered to jam in as there is a custom that bride and groom both seek for queen’s blessing after this, the queen pulled Meghan with her to say some short words. Meghan Markle had specially mentioned a macrobiotic alternative food served at her wedding party 

Macrobiotic is a kind of diet which contains brown rice, veggies, and beans while avoiding eggs 

During a taste test in Windsor palace, the Duchess claimed there is an egg in one dish and I can’t taste it this is the time when Queen Elizabeth entered the room and pulled Megan off from there Said Meghan in this family we don’t behave like this well the reply is not revealed yet nor the relationship status.

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