Award-winning actor Jamie Fox impersonates Donald Trump in his latest appearance

Credit: Fox News


It appears that along with his acting chops, famous star Jamie Fox has a knack for voice acting as well, while recently being featured in the latest episode of the rap radar podcast, Jamie made a very impersonation of the former president of the united states Donald trump, using phrases and sentences that former president Donald Trump is likely to use in his conversations, like the constant reference to fake news and uttering excuse me every time he felt he was interrupted.

Jamie along with the rapper Snoop Dogg had joined the latest episode of the podcast Rap Radar as a part of a campaign to promote his upcoming film on Netflix, titled the Day Shift, Fox is seen getting into the mannerisms of the former president of the United States as he imitates his voice. This wasn’t the first time Jamie Foxx had displayed his talent for voice acting, roughly around 7 years ago, while appearing in the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, he had impersonated the famous actor, John legend, he had also be seen using the voice of the well known Doc rivers, he was successfully able to bring down the voice of Doc into his own with utmost perfection.

Reaction of Internet users on Jamie Fox Impersonating Donald Trump

Many of those who had heard the audio were at first were genuinely confused and thought that it was the former president of the united states that was speaking, fans praised Jamie for his work and seemed genuinely impressed. Alec Baldwin had also portrayed Trump in the Saturday Night Live and had received a lot of praise for it.

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