Country band Alabama’s Teddy Gentry was soon arrested for marijuana possession.

Country band Alabama's Teddy Gentry was soon arrested for marijuana possession.


On Monday, one of the founders of the Country bands of Alabama, Teddy Gentry got arrested for marijuana possession. 

An intro to the band and Teddy Gentry.

In January 1952 Teddy Gentry was born in fort Payne, Alabama, United States he is the founding member of the band “Country Band Alabama” with his cousins and start producing songs. He is in the business for a very long time.

The ground reality of the case of Teddy Gentry.

Teddy Gentry is a bass player, for the music group Country Band Alabama and is not behind the bars In the case of unlawful possession of drugs and wrong records were shown. 

Teddy Gentry landed up in jail after getting indulged in a drug case.

Gentry is the bassist of the band “County band Alabama” recently he was found suspiciously participating in some drug activities. Which landed him in the jail of Cherokee” Cherokee County Jail” situated in Northeast Alabama 

He was also in charge of showing fake reports of sports to the police 

But due to a lack of evidence or interrogation problems, the 70-year-old bassist just got released in half an hour as per court 

A spokesman for the band Don Murry said he knows that somewhere this is happening  

Gentry, along with his cousins, form this band near 5 decades ago, this band give us more than dozens of hits albums, Including albums like Dixieland delight ”my home is Alabama” and Tennessee river 

The band was so hit and charged that they also got the name in the country hall of fame in 2005.  

The band was having a strong influence in the early times but now after this event somewhere the brand value of the band got hurt. Yet it does not confirm that this whole scenario is true or fake or maybe something different with a different angle to know what will happen next stay connected.


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