Kelly is now behind bars for the next 30 years as his crimes are now in front of everyone. 

Amr Alfiky)


On Wednesday, the singer R. Kelly was sentenced to prison for 30 years

Kelly was convicted of child enticement and child pornography.

In September. 2021 R. Kelly was found guilty for the first time for allegedly abusing his young female fans, he was found guilty under three child pornography and child enticement charge.

In total Kelly faces 13 counts including one of bribing the witness in a car filed in Chicago in 2002 for making a minor engage in sexual activities illegally for producing and receiving child porn.

Court’s decision about the worst and cruel singer R. Kelly 

The prosecutor Jeannice Appenteng bluntly said everything in front of judge to make sure that the guilty must be behind bars forever, prosecutors even said that Kelly only needs sex with young girls for which he can cross any line of humanity 

Several videos were shown in which Kelly was guilty and Jane said she was just 14 when this video was recorder  

According to a federal court document in 2008 a minor girl was allegedly forced by Kelly to shoot a sexual video with him

An unbelievable number of Kelly’s crimes

Till, now Kelly has been accused in 21 cases of child pornography. He falsifies and defends himself by using power. But now finally he is behind bars as the court testified the minor, who is now 30 years old 

Kelly’s crime partners Milton Brown and Darrel McDavid are also going to be behind the bars for defending Kelly and for conspiracy to false the allegations 

The minor met Kelly for the first time in the 1990s, at his recordings studio when she was in school at that time, she was very happy as an experienced singer like Kelly is going to guide in the industry she even share this with her parents 

After this many sins, no one going to forgive him so as punishment he got imprisonment, for the next 30 years he will not be able to come outside ever in life until he turns 80. 

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