Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears alleged for child abuse 

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Celebrities tiffany haddish and Aries are now under fire from the  netizens after they’ve been alleged for sexually abusing a 17 year old girl and her sibling, a boy of 7 years of age, on the tuesday that went by, that was the 30th of august, a lawsuit was filed in the court of justice which mentioned the names of tiffany haddish and Aries Spears as the accused in a case of child abuse involving a girl and a boy of 14 and 7 years age respectively, as per the report that is filed, the two celebs, who have been accused of child abuse had made them do some unspeakable acts, the girl and the boy are now 22 and 14 years of age respectively, the lawyer of Tiffany haddish, Andrew Brettler, while sitting in a recent interview revealed that how the mother of the two mentioned children, trizah morris, has been making false allegations against his clients tiffany haddish for over a number of years, he even went to say that most of the lawyers Trizah had hired had decided to cut themselves off the case after they found it was baseless and lacked merit, the lawyer of Aries Spears is firm that his client wont fall due to any shakedown.

More details about the lawsuit against Aries Spears and Tiffany Haddish 

As per claims made by trizah, the mother of the alleged victims, that she had known haddid for a very long time through their common circles in the comedy industry, she said that haddish had asked if her daughter was interested in acting in skit, the details of the plot were only known to haddish and Aries, the daughter claims that in the name of mimicking several activities, haddish had tried to make the daughter perform a fellacito which was very uncomfortable for the young girl. 



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