Olivia Wilde talks about the rumors of her argument against Florence Pugh

Olivia Wilde

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It appears that Olivia Wilde is now taking the moment to clear the rumors of her long-standing feud that is going on with Florence Pugh, in a recent interview she gave to variety Magazine, Olivia Wilde who is the director of the film that will soon be made available for the audience, titled don’t worry darling. She discussed openly the rumors that are spreading like a wildfire in a jungle, the rumors began when the fans and other people who engage in gossip began to state that there is some kind of rivalry between the director Olivia Wilde and the actress on board the film, Florence Pugh, it appears this enmity is given birth by the apparent closeness of Florence to the actor Harry Styles, who is also apparently close to Olivia Wilde as well, she told how she was merely acting as a support for harry styles who was new to the acting set and to the procedures of film making in general, she even went on to say how much she was impressed by Pugh after she had seen her acting prowess in the 2019 film Midsommer and had invited her to be a part of the second film Olivia will direct. 

The alleged feud between Florence Pugh and Olivia Wilde

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The foundation of this feud were the fact that Florence wasn’t looking as interested in promoting the film as were the other members of the cast of the film, even after the release of the second trailer of the film in the month of July, there was not much enthusiasm to be detected from the end of Florence while promoting the film, although she had been given constant updates of the film oppeinhammer, directed by Christopher Nolan and starring herself and Cillian Murphy among others. 

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