Don McLean enjoys a beautiful day with his 48-year junior girlfriend Paris Dylan.

Don McLean enjoys a beautiful day with his 48-year junior girlfriend Paris Dylan.

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The American singer and songwriter “Don McLean” is dating Paris Dylan a well-known model they both have been dating for the last five years.

A beautiful outing in Manchester by the couple Don Mclean and Paris Dylan.

On Friday, the American pie singer Don McLean was spotted with his girlfriend Paris Dylan while having a great Date, Paris Dylan is 48 years younger than Don McLean.

The singer Don McLean is all set to perform in Manchester at the 50th anniversary of the album “American pie” while being backstage both Don and Paris enjoy the view of the city, the couple was seen with a casual look.

Dylan was spot, ted wearing black leggings with a maroon top layering with a jacket and a pair of white sneakers whereas on the other side McLean was wearing grey pants and a rain jacket.

The couple is dating for the last 5 years after the split of McLean with his wife Patrisha Shnier in 2016.

The reason behind the divorce between Don McLean and Paris Dylan.

In January 2016, McLean was charged with domestic assault with his ex-wife Patrisha Shnier and then in 2017 he was found guilty under a “ deferred Disposition his lawyer Walter McKee requested he not be physical with his ex-wife in future.

Don McLean publicly accepts that he loves Paris Dylan more than anything on this earth.

In March 2021, while giving an interview with some media outlets Don McLean said that he is crazy for Dylan j he also said that love is the most important thing you can have in your life. 

He even said that whenever I see her I remember a lot of my songs but that one is special for both of us. Referring to his song “And I loved you so” which was released in 1970.

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