Queen Elizabeth used to watch “The Crown” starring Matt Smith On the projector. 


Matt Smith and Queen Elizabeth II. Shutterstock (2)


Matt Smith star of the popular tv show on Netflix. “The Crown” Shares his experience of meeting the royals for the first time.

The Royal interaction between Matt Smith and King Charles with his son Prince Harry.

In an interview with a media outlet, Matt Smith tells about his interaction with the royal family. The first time he met with King Charles and Prince Harry was at Polo. Noting royal in it just a Polo. While he starts the conversation by complimenting King’s shoes, later in In the conversation, he gets to know about how prince Harry and his grandmother Late Queen Elizabeth watch his show “the crown” he said that he doesn’t know if they continue to watch it or not but he confirmed that they have watched seasons first and second.

Queen usually likes to spend her Sunday night watching “The Crown” on her projector.

Matt Smith has played the role of the late prince Philip’s teenager.

In the Netflix show “The crown” Matt smith used played the role of prince Philips’s young days in the first two seasons of the show. He played the character from 1947 when the queen has married to the 1990s some important timelines of the series were Queen Coronation in 1953, Prince Edward’s birth in 1963, and some other  

Later this role was passed to Tobias Menzies  

Prince Harry praised the show “The Crown” while giving an interview with a media outlet.

In February during a show “Late Late Show” with James Corden Prince Harry express his thoughts on the show “The Crown,” he said that at least this is not a fictional story about the royals where everything is perfect at least this show is giving a rough idea of how the royal family and members of the ministry work. It explains a lot about the duties and services a royal has to pay to the Commonwealth in any situation.

He also marked that I will prefer to watch a show like “The crown” instead of watching a fictional story about my family my wife or me based on false facts.

Creators have postponed the shoot and also thinking to close the show.

As the show was made to show how much people love her but now she is not with us anymore, there is no point in continuing this show. Statement by Peter Morgan creator of the show.

Although the show has reached its 6 seasons now creator Peter Morgan is thinking of closing the franchise. In respect of Queen.


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