Is Johnny Depp going to return for his role in the fantastic beasts series? Mads Mikkelson talks about rumors.

 Mads Mikkelsen hints that Johnny Depp beast

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In recent news, it was revealed by Mads Mikkelsen that it is highly possible that the star Johnny Depp may be willing to reprise his role in the franchise of fantastic beasts, which serves as a prequel and helps to establish the world in which the books and novels of harry potter are set.


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Johnny Depp may return to the Fantastic series 

 In a recent interview with the newspaper deadline, Mads Mikkelsen had revealed to the public that there is a chance that their beloved company is now willing to make peace with Johnny Depp and there are high chances that we will be seeing the star of the pirates of the Caribbean movie series step into the old shoes of his character and might as well say this when he finds the money to bet on, he also did mention how they had maintained their cool yet calm present, he went on to say how he is an admirer of the works of the star from the Pirates of the Caribbean, how he sees him as someone, who is humane, humble, and smart, he said no matter how much he improves himself, he cannot come on par with johnny depp, now that he has won a lawsuit against his wife, the public opinion, at least the opinion of the public has tilted in the favor of Johnny Depp, Mads also said how, while thinking of trying to copy the methods of Johnny Depp, mads had thought that it would be creative suicide to do so, so he had decided to bring his own little touch and signature to the character.

What is the fantastic beasts franchise all about?

The fantastic beasts series of films serve as a prequel to the movie series of Harry Potter, at first they had been released as mere scripts prepared by JK Rowling and were then published as books under the banner of a prequel to the series of Harry Potter.

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