Is Logan Paul dating Nina Agdal? The truth behind the rumors

Who is Nina Agdal? Logan Paul


It appears that the former youtuber and rising boxing sensation Logan Paul is now having a
good time with the ex of Leonardo Di Caprio and the Ninja Swimsuit issue model while both
of the mare together holidaying in Greece, it seems that their relationship is in the stages of its
infancy and yet they are not shying away from publicly displaying their affection when they
were seen kissing each other passionately on the lips, and the two are rumored to be dating each
other and these rumors began to stem when gossip of the being close began to circulate in
the month of June this year, they had been seen publicly displaying their affection for each
other as they kissed while dining out in London and were also seen together in streets of
manhattan walking hand in hand, the two are being closely associated by the fans, Nina has
also began following the family members and closer associates of Logan Paul, which includes
the mother of the famous youtuber, given the celebrity status of Logan paul, over the years, he
has not made much efforts to hide his history of dating from the public as he had been
constantly associated with famous celebrities and personalities. Paul does seem to have an
illustrious dating history, filled with people from a variety of fields, back in the year 2020, he
had dated the model Josie Canseco and their affair had gone for about half an year before they
chose to go separate ways, Paul has also been associated with the likes of Amanda Cerny and Chloe Bennet.


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Who is Nina Agdal?

Nina Agdal, who had been spotted liplocking Logan Paul on the beaches of the nation of
Greece, had been in an year long relationship with the actor leonardo D Caprio in the year
2016 before they went ahead to go their separate ways in the year 2017, now it seems that she is
seen dating the former youtuber and boxing sensation Logan paul and is apparently having a good time.


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