Some interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth from her childhood to WWII

Queen Elizabeth II spent most of her 96 years in the spotlight, but there are several lesser-known facts about her life. (Photo by Matt Cardy)


Well Queen Elizabeth was the only Queen to hold the throne for this long in her long reign she has been always there in the spotlight but still, most don’t know this fact about her.

Queen Elizabeth had served the British armed force during world war 2.

Yes, you heard it right The Queen had served in the armed forces, Princess Elizabeth Try to convince her parent’s lot to do something for the war and after some time the family agreed and allow her to join the armed forces then the 19 years old Princess Elizabeth join the forces  there she learnt how to rebuild the engine and everything else about the motor engine and there she also drove a lot of vehicles like Jeeps, trucks, ambulances and many others she became the second subaltern in the initial days of her career later she rose to the rank of an honorary junior commander Within months she served till the world war ends 

An interesting story, of Queen’s childhood.

Queen’s name is given after her mother’s paternal great-grandfather and great-grandmother but here’s the fun fact at an early age she was not able to pronounce her name that’s why her family gave her the nickname Lilibet although her real name was Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor.

Queen Elizabeth was described as having a mischievous sense of humor and a talent for mimicry in private company. (Andrew Matthews – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Queen was also blessed with a great sense of humor.

We often remember the queen as a demeanour or memories her with a poker face but in reality, she is damn funny and humorous, in private company. She got a great talent for mimicry also said by her official and closer ones.

A loyal taxpayer of the nation.

Although there are some rules like that a monarch is not forced to give any tax in 1992 after Windsor Castle was ravaged by fire the government decided to rebuild it then the queen came up and said she will pay 70℅ of the rebuilding cost as a tax from her assets.

 Queen has more than one birthday.

Queen Elizabeth was born on 21 April 1926 but this is only celebrated by her friend and family whereas in different countries Queen’s birthday is celebrated on different days in Canada it is celebrated near Queen Victoria’s birthday which means before May 24 whereas in the UK it is celebrated in June on first second or third Saturday of the month .

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