Andrew Tate claims that his masculinity is what led to his ban on social media

Andrew Tate


Former kickboxer and controversial social media sensation Andrew Tate has been banned due
to the lifestyle he is leading, which can be described as conventionally masculine, Andrew,
who had been a part of the reality TV show Big Brother until he was dishonorably evicted
from the show after a video surfaced on the internet where he could be seen beating a girl,
Andrew maintains that what happened in the video was purely consensual and was a part of
the sexual play between the two, the girl in question, who had been an ex of Andrew, has
backed this claim on multiple occasions, and now Andrew is facing a targeted ban on multiple
platforms of social media after he had been labelled as a angerous influence for the young men
on the internet and has been labelled as misogynist for his extreme and radical views. His
name has been in the headlines for the past week after he was first banned from Facebook and
Instagram, and then later from other platforms like YouTube and tiktok, while in conversation
with Tucker Carlson from Fox News, Andrew Tate said that his ban on the multiple platforms
of social media isn’t because of the political view he holds, but because of the conventionally
masculine lifestyle he leads, the amount of the population agreeing with much of his views
had led to this unprecedented hate against him, jealousy about the fact that he is an
inspiration to many is also one of the reasons.

Who is Andrew Tate?

Andrew tate had been a professional kickboxer in the past years and now has grown to
establish himself as one of the richest men in Romania, he now runs big businesses and was a
very influential personality on the platforms of social media before his ban, he had been a part
of the reality TV show big brother from where he eventually rose to fame, as a kickboxer, he
had been a part of the Storm Gym

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