The great Pianist Elton John is set to perform at the White House.

The great Pianist Elton John is set to perform at the White House.


The world-famous pianist is all set to perform a charity show in the White House in front of President Joe Biden and the first lady of America.

Elton John has been performing for the last 50 years, and recently started his farewell tour.

On Friday night, John will arrive at the South lawn to perform his show in the White House which he titled “A night when hope and history rhyme” referencing a poem by Irishman Seamus Heaney, President also use this as a quote in his several speeches.

The last time John came to the White House to perform was in 1998 with Stevie Wonder to honor former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Everything about the preparation and the guest list for the show.

For the which is going to be held on Friday, the preparation is on the seventh sky, a huge tent with a stage has been set up on the White House lawn, according to the guest list there are going to be more than 2000 people in the audience including teachers frontline workers, nurses, LGBTQ advocates and renowned civil rights activists such as Ruby Bridges and an AIDS activist “ White Ginder “whose daughter, Ryan White died from AIDS-related complications in 1990.

The president and the First Lady’s remark on Elton John.

On Friday, White House, press secretary Karine Jean -Pierre said that the President and the First Lady will celebrate the presence of Elton John and honor them at the White House for his great contributions to the nation as an artist and advocate.

Sir Elton also admire the late Queen Elizabeth a lot even though he got a chance to meet her in 1998, even while he was performing in Toronto once he underline the contribution of the Queen to the nation and say she has worked bloody hard to build are a nation and she deserves all the respect that she has today, cause she had earned that.

The Queen’s admirer has sold more than 300 million records worldwide and performed 4000 shows in 80 different countries and recorded the most singles of all time. 

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