Kim Kardashian tells about her multitasking skills as a mother of four kids.


In a recent interview with a media outlet, Kim Kardashian openly talks about her struggle in managing all four kids. 

Kim Kardashian is candid about the challenges she faces daily while managing the kids.

The 41-year-old entrepreneur. Recently broke up with her husband Kanye west, and after that, she is now taking care of her kids, which is not easy as she also has to manage her work. 

Kim Kardashian recently joined a panel known as “ how to get shit done in a divided America” 

Homemade photo bomber for every meeting of Kim. 

Kim Kardashian recently said that whenever I am on a virtual meeting with someone one of my kid always make a cameo there which is quite embarrassing and sometimes annoying also.

While speaking on the panel on “how to get shit done in a divided America” Kardashian and a film producer, Scott Budnick, noted that it doesn’t matter how many obstacles are there in the route somehow they reach the room. 

She added that they are also media heads so they come in the room as per the media outlet.

Kim Kardashian shares a photo of herself with her daughters and ex-husband Kanye West.

Recently, Kim shares a family photo with her kids north, Chicago, Psalm, and Saint where their father Kanye West is also standing 

Although Nowadays Kim is entirely busy with her work she still tries to figure out something to spend some time with her kids. Kim also makes sure that her children should not get very close with the media.

That is why Kim always scolds north whenever she uses Tiktok  As she knew the internet can ruin anyone’s life.


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