Taylor swift rejected the super bowl’s offer.

Taylor swift rejected the super bowl’s offer.


Last week Taylor Swift’s fans speculated that she is going to host the 2023 Super Bowl halftime show, but she rejected that offer due to some reasons.

The reason behind Taylor Swift is not going to perform at the show.

Taylor Swift denied performing at the 2023 super bowl halftime show because the timing is not right. According to some media outlets, Taylor Swift was offered to host the super bowl show this time but she refuses to take any big show as first of all she wants to finish her first six albums.

In 2019, Scooter Braun was part of the group of people who holds the rights to the first six albums, and later he sold the Master recording which leads to re-recording the songs to regain the rights.

Taylor Swift fans often known as “swifties” were expecting her to host the Super Bowl show.

Some media outlets said that swift also wants to be a part of the show, but she doesn’t have time as first she needs to finish her projects after then she can look forward to this kind of opportunity.

Some sources say that the recording process is going too fast as swift has already recorded two titled “Red” and “fearless” and now she is working on “Speak now”, “1989” and “reputation” some more titles from the album.

An announcement from the NFL which makes the fans happy for a while.

On Friday, the NFL announced that Apple Music is going to be their new sponsor for the Super Bowl halftime show, after this announcement the “swifties” went crazy for a while, although swift’s name was not used in any promotional activities still “swifties” took the new album “midnight” announcement as a hint. 

But unfortunately, now nothing is going to happen as fans were thinking. After the official statement by Taylor Swift, there is no chance of her to host the show.


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