Shania Twain says she chooses her fashion according to her music.

Shania Twain

Shania Twain accepts the Poet’s Award at the ACM Honors airing on FOX.


Shania Twain is a Canadian singer and songwriter, she was born in Windsor, Canada, and by her talent, she has received so many awards and titles like she has been the “Queen of country pop” several time 

But why fashion is so important?

So in a recent interview with a media outlet, Shania Twain said that I think fashion is something which represents the song and its emotion.

To make a song first of all good songwriting, should be there and after that, the performance, stage presentation, video and fashion are something you need to have While making a hit song, she added 

Twain at “ACM Honour” the award show.

On Tuesday Twain is going to celebrate the evening at “ACM Honour” where she properly shows how much fashion matters to her.

She wore two dresses at the award show the first one is a stylish black colour gown with cool accessories, with leopard print cowboy shoes

The other one is a golden gown with a gold necklace this she wears to take the award on stage.

Avril Lavigne donned leopard print in honor of Shania Twain while performing at the ACM Honors.

A tribute to the Grammy winner Shania Twain.

During the show, Tiera Kennedy, Avril Lavigne and Kelsea Ballerini are going to present the award to Shania Twain and with this, each one is going to give a tribute to Shania Twain by singing a song about her and following her fashion.

Where Kelsea Ballerini wore the dress which Twain once wear for her Grammy Award, the dress was a white gown with full sleeves and a high neckline 

Twain has won Grammy twice and one best country song award 

Shania Twain’s reaction to Kelsea Ballerini’s surprise at the award show.

Shania Twain gets so amazed After seeing Kelsea Ballerini’s surprise, on the red carpet she said that she is looking like an angel, she was so Mesmerised by the dress that she even wants to wear that dress.

Although she is a great and very influential singer still believes in hard work and dedication. She said that these traits are key to success. 


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