Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively confirmed that they are pregnant.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds first met in 2010. Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Netflix


Recently in an Instagram post Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds confirmed that they are expecting a fourth baby

Pregnancy confirmation by Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.

On Sunday Blake Lively came live on Instagram and confirmed her pregnancy with her husband Ryan Reynolds, that they are expecting a fourth baby to come.

The actress also shares some great photos of pregnancy with her husband and best friend Taylor Swift explained that she is giving these photos so the media will not fight for a baby bump photo.

Blake Lively thanks everyone for their blessing and love.

In her Sunday post, she captioned I would like to thank everyone for all the respect and love and boycotting that social media handle who posts babies photos without concern thanks to the media for being generous, you all are the only ones to change the scenario 

Blake Lively slams the paparazzi again!

Once in 2021, she slammed an Instagram account for allegedly sharing her and Ryan’s three daughters Inez, Betty, and James she later mentioned.

This is so disappointing and disturbing! Words by Blake Lively. She the public by saying that I have already told you several times this guy is stalking me and my family and you are still following him, later she publicly asks the guy to stop posting all this as their privacy is getting hurt.

After all of this, the guy deleted every single post, later Lively came online to thank everyone who supports her 

Although the world is full of negativity be the positive beam forget the past, Lively and Ryan enjoying the pregnancy period.


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