Pete Davidson’s sister Casey remembers her father Scott on 9/11. 


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Pete Davidson’s sister Casey remembers her Dad on his 21st death anniversary. Her dad was a firefighter when the 11 September twin tower disaster occur, and she pays him tribute on Sunday to mark 21 years of 9/11

Pete Davidson’s father lost his life on 9/11.

Scott Davidson is a New York-based firefighter who is also the father of actor Pete Davidson, who was killed during the 9/11 attacks when a hijacked flight came to crash in the twin tower, he was running toward the Brooklyn Bridge to help those people who are stuck there But unfortunately, all of a sudden, the hijacked flight get crashed and the whole Brooklyn Bridge and Twin Towers got demolished in seconds and the brave firefighters also lost their lives.

Separation at a very young age.

Pete and Casey both were so small at that time when this incident happens they were just seven and three years old respectively. Scott Davidson died as a hero he always want to be a firefighter as he thinks this is the bravest job in America.

Casey writes I am missing you this year more than ever she also shows said that I always wish that I could be with you here on this planet 

The national fallen firefighters foundation (NFFF) marks Scott as one of the heroes of 9/11  his act of heroism is still remarkable was a truly brave and honest person and a friend of all we all miss him a lot 


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Pete Davidson tributes to his father.

Pete Davidson always mentioned his father everywhere which shows how much he respects his father he always pays tribute to his father everywhere once with a story written and starred by him ( the king of Staten Island)  which was released in 2020 

Pete added that no one wants to know about the struggle behind this success I wanted to tell people about the struggle and tragedy we overcome and today we are standing here 

Pete was the youngest comedian to join SNL he always mention how SNL changes his life and his thought process he always mention SNL as his home


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