Is Barbara Eden dead? The truth behind the rumors

barbara dead



Is it true that the famous singer, actress, and producer from the United States of America, Barbara Eden has passed away or is her name being used by some YouTubers to make her the part of their thumbnail about the news of the death of a famous celebrity? There is nothing new about the fact that the news of the deaths of famous celebrities gets a lot of attention and spreads on the various platforms of social media like a fire in a jungle, although this time the news of Barbara Eden’s death is trending on social media.

The news of the death of Barbara Eden

Over the past few months, such death hoaxes have become a common part of today’s social media life, we’ve had the news of the likes of Tom Holland, Snoop Dogg, Shane Dawson, and Will Smith among others, all of them turned out to be mere rumors spread by some spread by people on the internet to increase their own reach and engagement, a YouTuber by the name of Allan Radio, you would have noticed that this particular channel on youtube has been quite in the news for its trend to continuously post about one celebrity or another, all these news are fake.

Is Barbara Eden dead?

You may or may not like the work of Barbara Eden, but you will be glad to know that Barbara Eden is not dead and she is safe and sound, she is quite healthy even at her age of 90, and maintains her presence on social media where she is quite active, she is just the target of another victim of such fake death hoaxes.

Users react to the fake death news of Barbara Eden

At first, when the news of the death of Barbara Eden came out, everyone was shocked and sad, but to everyone’s relief this turned out to be a hoax by a youtuber who is in the constant habit of spreading such noise.

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