After Facebook and Instagram, Andrew Tate is now being banned by Twitch and Youtube

Andrew Tate Deletes Twitch


Former ring fighter and current social media sensation known as Andrew Tate has supposedly earned the wrath of those on the top positions of various social media platforms and other applications, after being banned by the social media platforms of Facebook and Instagram, it appears now he is the target of the streaming service twitch and video sharing application of youtube since his official handles on both the platforms are showing unavailable as of the moment, this wont be the first time that Andrew is being attacked like this for his radical and extreme views, back in 2016, he had been completely banned by the microblogging website of twitter for his extreme views on rape crimes and victims.

Who is Andrew Tate and what are his controversies

Most of us had first heard the name of Andrew Tate when he had appeared as a wild card entry in the reality TV show big brother, although his violent persona was dubbed as a threat for everyone inside the house as videos of him hitting a woman were leaked online, this lead to his dishonorable eviction from the show, he maintains that the acts in those videos were consensual, soon after, he made some very controversial remarks on the rape crimes and how victims are in part, responsible for their situation, this led to a lot of anger in the public against him and twitter, on the platform on which andrew shared his views about rape, saw fitting to ban him forever.

Andrew Tate and his ban from social media platforms

The content made by Andrew Tate, which includes his videos and vlogs and the podcasts he appears in, has some very thought provoking yet radical content, sometimes going even beyond the length of what is accepted as a society, this has led to him being a very famous figure on the various platforms of social media, his market grabbing technique is so effective that he doesn’t even have a tiktok account yet his content was the most viewed on the video sharing platform.

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